Hiltbrand dot Net

Welcome to the Rob Hiltbrand Experience. This site is about my personal, professional, and intellectual experiences in the few decades that I've been on this Earth.

I was born in a Naval hospital in Southern California and never quite recovered.  My father was a career Naval Officer and my mother a Teacher.  I live in Houston and consider Texas my home.  I was fortunate enough to have lived and traveled to many parts of the World during my youth.  I graduated from a high school located on a US Army base on Japan's Canto plain (near Tokyo).  I've spent time in California, Hawaii, Venezuela, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Okinawa, and New Jersey (I consider "Jersey" a foreign country because they didn't speak English there - what the heck does "yous-guys" mean?).

I am a big fan of my wife Shari and have many hobbies - reading, writing, digital music, soccer, and technology.  What I've tried to do with this site is convey a bit of my personality.  This site is a digital representation of me!  A bit of Rob in a digital format.  It is the home of the digital misfit!

I have a personal blog plus I try and post to my Twitter account on a regular basis.  Enjoy!